Finds from Stockport’s Vintage Village

I’m certain the months are rolling by faster an faster,either that or I’m just busier and busier!! Anyway cant complain when there’s Vintage Village to look forward to every second Sunday of the month!!

This month was a VE day fair and gave a fantastic opportunity to dress up in a 1940’s inspired outfit. I’ve yet to get the hang of remembering to ask Mr Old Fashioned to take a quick snap for me to show you but luckily (for who I wonder??) Sarah one of the organisers snapped me doing my best sailor impression!! It seemed like a good idea at the time let me tell you! 

On to the finds though!! The first is more of a swap! The lovely Lady Behave and I did a bit of a fabric exchange- she brought this super Muppet Show fabric (ideal for the munchkin) I  brought some of that quilted stuff I got from the car boot a couple of weeks ago. It turned out to be quite therapeutic as our usual haunt of a fabric stall had had to cancel at the last minute.

And how could I walk away from these with my initial embroidered in blue!! Never been used and a bargain at £5
And these cheerful plastic cups caught my eye for £2. A bit to scratched inside for drinking out of I’ll probably use them for storing things.
And this stall was selling footstools and mirrors both of which were rather fabulous! This lady had just started doing these so hadn’t a website, she wanted to see how they went down- I think we can safely say they are a big thumbs up!

I must admit my friend was luckier than I this time around, going home with a silk jumpsuit, a butterfly covered playsuit, a green felt cushion and cake from Stuart Thornley Cake Design. Stuart is a lovely chap and ended up being unofficial changing room assistant!
We also had a quick peek in Kimleys Dress Agency- just opposite the market! A tip off courtesy of Lady Behave! Another place to add to your list if you are around anyway, they can sell your bits for you and then split the profits with you. So if eBay is not your thing then get down there with your booty!