Eating in Manchester- blogger recommendations

As I’m sure you know by now I love Manchester.

And food!

The Manchester food scene is thriving and it can be tricky with so much choice, to know where to go.

Did you know that the number of foodie outlets has shot up in Manchester by 57% over the last ten years, compared to London which reports growth of 32%. And it is still growing.

So its no surprise that it often feels like there is too much to choose from.

Personally I usually give new foodie places a bedding in period before then looking for reviews or opinions of it. Then I’ll put it on my hit list only if it seems worthy. I swear having more choice has made me (us) more choosy, our standards can be higher as there’s always somewhere new to try.

So how does a restaurant endear itself so much that you become a repeat customer- even a regular?

When we are eating out as a family of four we do tend to stick to what we know (and love) and when I was asked to choose somewhere I’d recommend in Manchester, I had no hesitation about Croma.

Whichever branch you visit you get the same high standard of service- not in your face but available when needed. And of course the pizza at Croma is the best pizza in Manchester, I might even dare to say outside of Italy? The staff are great with kids, the menu simple but perfectly executed, the surroundings elegant but relaxed. The focus here is the service and the food and it works. We are repeat customers and have been for years.

You might be thinking; well she doesnt eat cheese, how can she love pizza? And the answer in that Croma do a most exquisite Marinara pizza- fish (and more) and zero cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Millennium Hotel group asked myself and some other bloggers from Manchester our top rated places for food in the city to compile an infographic on the hidden foodie gems of Manchester.  Check it out- there’s a few on there that I still haven’t tried.italian-pizza-restaurant-dinner


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