Dressing up, to stay in…

You know sometimes no matter how hard you plan, things don’t work out how you wanted.

Last week I was all set to attend an early evening event in Spinningfields, Manchester. It was something a bit different from what I normally write about and I was looking forward to going outside of my comfort zone a little.

I’d even planned my outfit around a little white blazer by Luxemme.

A combination of events occurred in the afternoon that made it impossible for me to attend- such is life! I was a bit gutted but it couldn’t be helped. I decided I would wear the blazer anyway for posing in the garden to entertain the neighbours (!!) and a mini outfit post.

This blazer probably isn’t something I’d normally choose when shopping, mainly because of the fact it’s white… Spillages, kids fingers, I could go on about the potential hazards of wearing white, but I think you know them.

What this blazer does very well though, is elevate itself into something a bit special; It’s collarless, tailored, with a little padding in the shoulders for drama and structure. And the the fact it IS white actually make it more special then just another black blazer.luxemme white blazer Parisian style

Slipping this blazer on over my casual day wear of chinos and a superhero t shirt immediately made me feel much more sophisticated than the five minutes preceding. Perhaps the epitome of “smart casual” dressing!?

It’s bracelet length on me because of my orangutan arms, but I love that length of sleeve anyway so not a problem.

Whatever you wore with this jacket would be given a heightened elegance, one to wear when I’m out and about without the kiddos though.

I think it’ll look brilliant with blue boyfriend jeans, a Breton stripe top, tan leather bag and ankle boots- how would you style it?

Luxemme is a Parisian influenced Manchester brand with the aim of delivering premium clothing with a realistic price tag. I’d say they’ve achieved that with this jacket which costs £35!!


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  1. September 16, 2015 / 7:39 am

    That jacket looks fab! I love the collarless detailing and as someone who owns two white blazers I’m with you on feeling they’re a bit more special than their black counterparts.

    • Susie
      September 16, 2015 / 1:06 pm

      Ah thanks Helen! We could both go Miami Vice next time I see you x