Displaying your printed photos

Happy middle of August (yes its raining here too)!

If you’ve joined in with the #printingmyphotos project you might be wondering what to do with the photos now you have them?

Today I’m sharing some ideas for displaying your new mini pieces of art. If you like the idea of being able to switch over the images on display often, then what about something as simple as hanging them from string and pegging them out like beautiful laundry.

image from woohome.com

Another option for the commitment phobes amongst you are these photo holders- coming as a pack of three you can have your own mountain scene. From Lo & Behold these would look great on your desk or bedside.photo holders displaying photos

If you prefer something more traditional, as in an actual frame, then the world is your oyster! There’s so many types and shapes of frames about we are almost spoilt for choice. I often pick frames up from car boots or charity shops. But we also have many frames in our home from good old Ikea.

My preference for frames is usually wood of some kind, or shell (I’ve a couple of lovely ones from Monsoon) or that gold gilt vintage type that brings a sense of other wordlyness to whatever is pictured inside.

This one below is from Monsoon but actually doesnt say how big it is on their website? It is lovely though and looks rather antique in style. At £15 I expect it shouldn’t be too small!gold monsoon frameI do love having photos pop up in less obvious places too. We’ve an old printers tray in our hall where I stash mementos from our lives, the frames are small but I’ve displayed some Instax mini prints of the girls in there and it seems fitting when most of the stuff in the printers tray belongs to them anyway.printers tray displayWhat types of ways do you display photos? Do you like your frames all uniform or mix and match?

I’ve picked some frames out from my shop below, most are traditional but there are a couple that are double sided, great for hanging in a window and displaying small mementos alongside the photograph. For example you could have a letter and pressed dried flower arrangement within the frame to remember a special person or time in your life.

Scroll through and have a browse- its easy to buy you dont even leave this site.

Next week I’ll be looking at places and apps to get your photos printed. If you’ve any recommendations please let me know.

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