Damn good coffee!

Are you a Twin Peaks fan? If so you might have got my Agent Cooper quote, “Damn good coffee!” above.

If not then stop reading right now all I can do is suggest you get your hands on the boxed set immediately and begin watching the coffee and pie driven Agent Cooper try to solve a mystery.

I might be a bit odd but for me a coffee is always something I drink out of the house. When I’m at home its all about the Earl Grey or even a decaf tea, but when I’m out and about its got to be a good black coffee. I suppose it’s because the best coffee is always freshly ground, and to do that at home seems like too much hard work! Although this article about good coffee at home is interesting.

There’s a fantastic place for excellent coffee local to me called Coffee Fix. Its been open for about four years on Church Road in Gatley and they make GREAT coffee. They source it from all over the world and from local artisan roasters too.

They are so passionate about coffee they’ve ended up winning awards for their pioneering ways, are much more personal and thoughtful than the big coffee shop chains and they also do great food!

As for me making good coffee at home, I could be persuaded by those coffee pod machines, but having had one when they first came out I recall the cleaning was a bit fiddly, not to mention the precious space they can take up on the worktop of your kitchen.

Ah well- I clearly need to move my own barista into a granny flat in my garden- any takers?

I’m sure Agent Cooper would approve.

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