Coveting capes

Hey I know capes were so 2010 right? I actually dont care- I need a cape in my life this Autumn/Winter 2012. It seems I’ve gone a bit cape crazy, after loosing out on ebay last week I’ve been searching high and low for the cape of my dreams. I’ve also just found this brilliant blog post from a fellow cape lover- go read Retro Rack.

Top of my wish list is this one from the formidable Tara Starlet- at £85. This design is so classic that it just wouldn’t date.

Maybe I’m too early in the season but I’ve not been able to find many in the regular high street shops and my vintage searches have also been fruitless, so online we go!

This one is from ASOS marketplace, looks really warm but not sure about the darker patch of fabric on the back.

This next one is Etsy- an American seller- I prefer a smaller plaid like this as opposed to some of the the larger ones seen in the 1970’s. Find this cape here 

It is my birthday coming up so perhaps I’ll get lucky and get the cape of my dreams, what are you coveting at the moment?