Circle Skirts

I’ve always been a pencil skirt kind of gal. But just lately I’ve been admiring circle skirts more and more. I think perhaps its because they can skim over any parts of the body below the waist that my not be as you’d like them. Along with the fact they can be embellished with a variety of fun shapes and characters.

I tend to have difficulty buying skirts in general, not being the right length, or riding up over my hips or twisting around my waist, I have quite an old fashioned figure and often find that skirts from the modern high street either fit at the hips and gape at the waist. So perhaps if I made my own I could solve these issues, and hopefully learn a thing or two about sewing along the way.

Circle skirts are also allegedly easy to sew… I say this with trepidation as I’ve struggled with sewing clothes, sleeves, waistbands, interfacing and putting in zips. I have a couple of projects from last summer I’ve not yet finished for these reasons.

Anyhow- I’ve found a circle skirt sew along on line and this circle skirt maths article which hopefully will mean I get it right (fingers crossed).


red circle skirt


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Charlotte from TuppenceHa’penny is my sewing inspiration- take a look at this circle skirt she made. A very talented lady!

I’ll also be using this book which I got for my birthday last September. I really want to pick up the sewing bug, I hope this will be the project that will click for me.

sew what skirts



  1. January 24, 2013 / 4:31 pm

    Go for it! Tomorrow’s project for me is changing my Mum’s vintage dress into a circle skirt and separate top. I’m excited to see mine and yours xx Hop you’re ok xx