Christmas Gift Guide for… Bloggers

Hohoho! It might be a bit early for you but I’m already thinking about Christmas. This week I’m doing a mini series of Christmas gift guides for different types of people in your life.

I’m not trying to cover every individual here, but hopefully you’ll see something that’s relevant to the loved ones you buy for.

We have a bit of a Christmas tradition in our house where we create hand written and illustrated Christmas lists, this way they become a keepsake and it gives each other plenty of time to source that perfect gift and be able to budget for it. I’m most definitely not a last minute kind of girl.

So lets start with bloggers shall we? I think blogging is so popular these days that most people know someone who blogs and if not then these are gifts that someone who loves to organise and document their lives.

Lets start with this thing of organisational beauty, from StealStylistBoutique on Etsy. Its a printable daily agenda to fit an a5 filofax or organiser, for anyone who freelances or works from home this kind of thing can really work to help you plan your time constructively.

blogger daily agenda

Next up we have the favourite tool in a bloggers arsenal- a camera. What’s a blog post without a picture eh? Well the ultimate in cameras for bloggers has to be one that is so clever it will upload you images to your social media channels or email them to you- who needs cables? Tis the future!

Here is one I found which has great reviews and is under £100, a treat for any blogger. This one is at Amazon.

samsung camera with wifi


Also along the organising theme, key for anyone running their own business whether they blog or not, is the minimalist simplicity of Muji. They do desk tidy’s, makeup organisers, all kinds of organisers and the clear acrylic means you can see where everything is at a glance.


Ah, what about those pesky types who say they work from home but actually work from a coffee shop? Well there’s always a coffee shop gift card, but what about something to put their treasured gadget in? Be it laptop or tablet or notebook, a leather satchel is a strong and classic way to carry your things around. And it can be passed off as a briefcase if you do a client meeting.

I love this one from Not on the High Street. I love the fact it’s not really girly too, a unisex gift!

normal_medium-satchel-with-front-pocket-and-handleTomorrows Christmas Gift Guide is for the Vintage Loving Lady in your life…