Cheerful bags for spring days

I don’t know about you but the change in season always makes me want a change in accessories namely handbag and shoes. I currently have a large black tote (see my last post) and it just says autumn/winter chilly days and neutral tones to me. What if feel like is something springlike, cheerful and colourful- not black please.

Being a mum I have certain demands of a handbag. It must be roomy, I need to carry stuff like baby wipes, spare clothes for my daughter, as well as things like a small make-up bag, umbrella, gloves, diary etc. I like separate pockets too, either inside the bag as part of the lining or patch pockets on the outside- I tend to use these for spare carrier bags for charity shopping or even bits of food if we are on a long journey- for the poppet not me obviously…

I have lots of handbags, most of them dreadfully impractical, for my needs listed above, and they hark back to a time before children and going on lots of nights out.  The thing is- I still want, need even, to look good and as well as my bag having all the attributes listed above I want my bag to be pleasing on the eye.

I really like this bag- the Coniston by Radley. I love the bright colour, the simple shape, the fact it is multiway means I can carry it or throw it over the buggy, its stylish without being too fashionable- meaning it wont date, and I know from friends who have got this brand of bag that they are well made and durable- a must if you are spending a lot of money. This bag is £149 which is more than I’d normally spend on a bag- but if I wanted to treat myself I’d go for it.

radleyThis bag has no outside pockets  but it does have a seemingly well structured inside which would satisfy my need to know where everything is at a moments notice.



This is a sponsored post for Radley London.