Book Review, “Vintage Hairstyling”

As someone whose always been better at makeup than hair this book is a godsend!

It starts with the basics- like equipment and products, but really goes into depth about how to curl your hair. If you are anything like me and spend ages putting heated rollers in just to find your hair either flops and drops the curl within five minutes or, holds the curl. But the curl is more of a kink and doesn’t want to go in the direction you require and you end up just pinning it up and hoping for the best- then this is for you! Phew!

You can have a sneak peek of the book here which is the official American website of the book. Lauren Rennells is the genius behind the book and all the hair and makeup. She also has a blog here which is a look at hair and beauty through the years! I love the way Lauren writes, in the blog and the book, very witty and authoritative without being unapproachable.  The real bonus is she uses modern equipment and products.

As far as I know Helen at Pin-Up Parade is the only UK stockist and at £27 is well worth the money, as I refer to it time and time again.


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  1. Hilary
    August 15, 2011 / 8:29 pm

    Nice to know its worth the money! Its on my xmas list. Vivien of Hollywood also stock the book. :0)