Bloom & Wild- Beautiful Blooms!

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers?

I don’t know anyone who would appreciate a well thought out delivery of blooms, and giving flowers as gifts and tokens of feeling or gestures goes back thousands of years to the Ancient Egyptians.

I’m no expert on flowers, much to my mothers dismay- I’ve no green fingers I’m afraid and have killed more plants the I care to remember.

I do have my favourites though, Baccara Roses- I had these in my wedding bouquet. I love their velvety large flowers and the deep red like Chanel’s Rouge Noir nail varnish.

baccara rose

Peonies are so feminine, soft and pillowy- and so short lived I suppose it makes them more special, I dream of sleeping on a bed of them.

peoniesI’m also a big fan of Tulips and Poppies- I love the simple shapes and bright colours. And I love climbing plants such as Ivy, also in my wedding bouquet, and Wisteria- just look at this stunning Wisteria tunnel in Japan!


Anyway I digress, pssst my birthdays in a few days so you know what to get me flower wise now!!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some flowers, no not from my husband or secret admirer but from a new business venture called Bloom & Wild… And I have to say I think there must be some kind of genius behind the venture as these are not flowers you have to sign for- you don’t even have to be in, because they come in the post.

Yes that’s right they fit right through your letterbox!!!

They come packaged in a long slim box with special netting over the floral end of the stem to protect, allow me to illustrate… Excuse my weird veiny hand but I wanted to show you some kind of scale…

photo (7)

photo (15)

photo (14)

photo (8)

photo (10)You can probably tell I was pretty impressed with these, a week after delivery and they are still going strong too. Which is more than I can say for other flowers I’ve received in the past.

The idea behind Bloom & Wild is simply to enjoy flowers more, have them in your house more and the way they go about that is to offer flower subscriptions- a bit like the beauty boxes you can subscribe to and get delivered- this is the same but with beautiful fresh flowers.

So for a gift subscription for the loved one who has everything, or perhaps if you are selling your house and want to have a regular supply of fresh flowers to add that special touch when potential buyers come to view, or simply for yourself- getting a load of floral blooms through the door is brilliant any way you look at it.

Bloom & Wild have offered my readers a 10% discount on any gift orders.

Use the code brighterday7 at checkout.

Disclosure- I was sent these flowers in exchange for a review- all words and opinions are my own.


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  1. Helen
    August 30, 2013 / 7:40 am

    What a great idea – and they look beautiful 🙂