Blogging tips- How to merge blogs

As you may know a couple of months ago I closed down the vintage lifestyle and events site, and merged all the content into this blog.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but now I’ve done it I know it was the right one for me.

In this post I will pass on some tips for merging WordPress blogs, or combining multiple blogs. I’ll share the problems I had and show you solutions that worked for me.

My first port of call which I’m sure is many people’s first thought too, Google it!

The two articles that I found the most useful were this one by Osmosio and this one by WPmudev.

These talk a lot about about how to merge blogs and not make a mess in the process, do read them as they cover things like tags and categories which I’m not going to cover here.

The basic steps are as follows;

  1. In Tools, got to Export blog- select the ALL CONTENT option.
  2. With the CSV file you have just downloaded, you then go to the site where you want to put the content.
  3. In the Tools menu go to Import and select where you are importing from, WordPress in this case.
  4. Then click Upload and Import and wait.
  5. That should do it in most cases.

In my case I had two problems- my theme “Swift” wasn’t playing ball, it took a second pair of eyes to see this and a helping hand- big thanks to Megan for this.

The other problem was all my images were still over at I panicked momentarily but then after much searching found a Plugin called Import External Images, an absolute godsend! Took a few sessions of importing as I had so many images over there but it worked.

how to merge wordpress blogs