The Blog Hop

Hello there readers!

I’m back from a sunny Welsh holiday with this post which has come at a great time for me personally.

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I’ve done a lot of reflecting ond pondering of late, millions of ideas running around my head and feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to write and make and do all the things I want to. I guess that it’s not a unique problem and I’m sure you feel like that too sometimes eh?

The fab Helen from Mancunian Vintage invited me to take part in a Blog Hop, in essence a great way of finding new blogs to follow and like minded individuals to befriend… But also, as you’ll see in the questions, an opportunity to remember and reinvigorate why you are blogging.

So, shall we begin?

Why do I write?

Primarily to communicate, it might sound obvious but I started this blog when my eldest was about six months old, back in early 2010. I felt disconnected from most of my “real life” friends (apart from a small handful who know who they are) and where I lived at the time felt rather remote and occasionally dangerous. I felt cut off in more ways than one and my blogging helped me connect with people of similar interests and mindset, some who have gone on to become real life friends- for real 😉

Now I look at my blog, and the reasons haven’t really changed. I write to share experiences, to offer ideas or opinions- and it’s less of an escape now. I write to continue the conversation I started in 2010.

old fashioned susie

What am I working on?

I’m going back to basics right now. I’ve had the experience of running a fairly large blog with contributors and deadlines, with, and now I’m stripping it back to OFS again but applying all the things I’ve learnt along the way to improve and hone this blog.

I working on useful and interesting content, improving SEO, fixing broken links, making sure everything works as it should to be a suitable vehicle for content.

Specific topics for development content wise are; more sewing- from vintage sewing patterns and modern ones, more interiors and renovation, more what I wore outfit posts, more niche food and drink.

victoria baths wedding babycham

How my blog does it differ from others of its genre?

I think this blog blends a few genre’s together. Yes I’m a parent but I wouldn’t say I was a mummy blogger. Yes I sew but I don’t just write about that one subject. Yes, I love vintage- but I’m a bit particular about it and it’s mainly the clothes that I love- I’m not a re-enactor or dance lindy or charleston, I don’t go full vintage so you couldn’t call me a vintage blogger. I suffer from allergies but this isn’t the place you’d look for advice on how to use an epi pen.

I guess what I’m saying is, that’s the joy of blogging and bloggers. Every blog differers, even from those in the same genre, as each person who writes is a completely unique individual- and if you are being yourself when blogging then your blog will be unique to you.

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How does my writing process work?

I go through phases of being super organised and scheduling weeks in advance to the exact opposite and winging it week by week. It tends to depend on what is going on at home.

I tend to keep a list of article ideas in the notes section of my iphone, which I find really useful as I’d probably forget most of them by having the kids distract me.

I nominate Emma from Oooh Betty and Rachel from Vintage Folly. Check out their Blog Hop posts on 1st September.

Do you blog? How do you keep your blog fresh?