Best of… Contributor Charlie

I first met Charlie when she hustled a bunch of free tickets of me for the 2012 best of vintage Manchester awards- they weren’t for herself, but for a raffle prize for the Manchester contingent of the WI. This is very much what Charlie is like; generous. Be it with her time, her smiles or her gin, she is what some might say generous to a fault…

She did a stellar job of covering for me whilst I went off and had baby number two and I’m so thrilled that it has given her the taste for editing and to start a new fitness venture Coffee & Creatine where she is editor in chief.

My favourite articles from Charlie are;

Mrs M & Co Vintage in Urmston- typically Urmston gets a fab vintage shop five minutes after I move out of the area. Need to visit this place.

Imperial War Museum North- Charlie writes about the less glamorous side of vintage.

Uncle Norms Record Box- a visit to a new regular vintage night, with one of my favourite couple’s ever – Matt & Annabel.

You can find Charlie at Gin Fuelled Bluestocking.

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