Bad Dancing at The Whim Wham Club

Ha- another birthday post from me- I told you I like to extend these things!!

On my night out with my lady freinds see the cocktails here. We also went to the Whim Wham Club which has been on my “to do” list for a while.

Extra shiny face and drunk on very strong cocktails!

I have to apologise that I was having too good a time to take any proper photographs of the Whim Wham Club that night so there are just some that my lovely friend Laura took of me dancing badly!
Needless to say if you want somewhere with a Speakeasy atmosphere, that does actually feel like a secret place with fantastic music and a crowd that loves to dance, then this place is for you. Whim Wham is the 1st Friday of every month at Charlies Nightclub on Harter Street, Manchester.
Top and skirt Mode Merr from the PinUp Parade Sale page
Belt- Reiss
In an effort to add a soundtrack to this post- so our dancing doesn’t look that bad watch this video… Which also gives a flavour of the music Whim Wham plays!
I have since bought this track on iTunes and it’s on in my car A LOT at the moment!
What’s you favourite film soundtrack?