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It is really feeling like Spring now. Last Sunday was a stunning Spring day so we were happy to use our invitation to Bills restaurant in Manchester to try their new menu.

chapel chairs and chesterfield

We previously visited Bills in May of last year and you can read about that visit here.

It’s funny to look back at that other post actually as smallest seems so flippin’ small! It’s less than a year ago but she is such a character and thankfully her inherited food intolerances/allergies aren’t causing problems now. It is just me who needs to peruse the Dietary menu.

industrial shelving

We had a full on three courses this time and now the girls are both a bit older it is a much more relaxed and pleasurable experience.

The girls had the same as each other (avoiding arguments) from the kids menu. This was humus and crudites to start, followed by fish fingers, skin on fries and peas, then ice cream for desert. The skin on fries went down a storm and are some of the best I’ve had (I was allowed three) for a while.

old fashioned family bills

The Mr had calamari, followed by steak and then he couldn’t help but order the doughnuts again that he had last time. So it seems the menu isn’t completely new- just perhaps with a few new additions to reflect the seasonal produce. But doughnuts are in season all year round right!?

chandelier industrial

Because we were visiting Bills from a review and personal experience point of view I wanted to choose something different than I had last time. To be perfectly honest I found this tricky. The problem is Bills main courses all (bar two I think from memory) have Dairy and/or Eggs in. Which is what I’m allergic to.

So I could either have what I had last time or choose the other dish- in this case it was one of the new additions to the menu. I went for the Super Food Kale Salad and opted to have a chicken skewer on the side.

kale superfood salad bills manchester

The salad was surprisingly filling if a tad dry, perhaps a (un) healthy dressing of some sort would be beneficial. It almost was too healthy/sin free if you know what I mean? But I guess if you are ordering this dish you are well into your salads.

The starter was really tasty, Ginger & Chilli Chicken Wings.

It was a huge portion too. I used plenty of napkins eating this and it was something I’ll order again for sure.

chicken starter at bills

I chose a trio of sorbets for pudding, it was lovely to be able to have pudding with the rest of the family as sometimes in restaurants there is actually nothing with dairy and eggs so this was great.

Bills has a great vibe and great staff, and if you don’t have food allergies, a fantastic menu.

The service overall was great. There was a lengthy gap between our starters and main courses though. I later found out that the girls didn’t eat their fish fingers because they were really dry inside and not moist. I cant help but think that gap between courses meant there was a delay in either mine or my husbands dishes, and the girls food was sat under the heat lamps waiting for ours to be ready.

Overall though we had a great time. The restaurant is in a great spot on John Dalton Street and within easy reach of car parks and public transport.

As you might have noticed the interiors are pretty lovely too, the mixture of industrial and antiques really make you feel as if you are in Bills world. I believe each branch of Bills restaurant is similarly styled, ceating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

bills interiors industrial style

We ate here free of charge in order to write this account of our visit. All opinions, as always are my own.



  1. March 23, 2016 / 10:10 am

    Bill’s is my comfort restaurant – I love it!

    (I noticed you took Christmas off the blog and so I’ve just published my last post until after Easter. Thanks for inspiring me to switch off! x)

    • Susie
      March 23, 2016 / 12:06 pm

      I think it really helps reset our brains- have a good one lovely x