Avalanche Restaurant Manchester

Very recently I was invited to attended a restaurant relaunch in city centre Manchester. Avalanche, to be specific, and it was to be my first night out for what has seemed like ages.

You see me and the building where Avalanche is, have history.

In its former guise as Lime Bar, its where I met my husband on a speed dating event back in 2005. We were given fake names to protect us from potential weirdos… I was Anna Friel and he was Samuel L Jackson… The rest, as they say is history.

Now I haven’t actually been back here since that one night and its fair to say its changed a lot- for the better. It felt much classier, and had that atmosphere of a buzzy but happy restaurant. There were lots of staff on hand too which is something I’m a bit of a stickler for- I cant stand not being able to find a waiter/waitress.

I made the decision not to tell the restaurant in advance about my dairy and egg allergy until I got there. I wanted to give a real picture of how they dealt with it on the spot as it would be in a real life situation.

avalanche manchesteramazing prawnsThey dealt with it brilliantly actually- I’ve had plenty of panic stricken faces on giving my news to restaurants but these guys were as cool as cucumbers. They made me up a different starter- the prawns above which were SO GOOD.

The main course was okay for me to eat (pictured below) as long I avoided the sauce in the little jug. This was a sharing surf and turf platter- also very good. All cooked as I like it.
surf and turf for bloggers tea For pudding it was a combo of typical restaurant puddings, rich and chocolatey, again they catered specifically for me without fuss by serving me a fruit salad. To be honest I preferred this anyway in this case, I couldn’t have eaten the pudding on the menu after the amount  I’d already eaten, so this was perfectly light and really fresh tasting.

fruit saladI’d go back here for sure- and it brought back some lovely memories of meeting Mr OFS- win-win.


Disclosure- I was invited to this event for the purposes of this review and did not pay for my food or drink- all thoughts are my own.