Aunt Susie’s Slice of Advice- Part 2: Problem Eyebrows

Dear Susie,
I need help. I have very thick eyebrows and want the elegant arch- mine seem to go in a straight line from temple to temple. Although they don’t meet in the middle there is definite fine hair there too.
I’m 24 and feel like I missed out somewhere- I want to look groomed but I feel like a freak!
Hope to hear back RC
Well those with beautiful eyebrows from birth are extremely rare and we all have to tweeze and pluck. In some ways you are lucky to have thick eyebrows as at least you’ve got something to pluck at and shape whereas if you had sparse ones you’d have to pencil the shape in, which can be a bit hit and miss.

Eyebrows basically frame your eyes, and can make them look bigger, wider and brighter. Who wouldn’t want their eyes to look like that!

Here are some great eyebrows and their owners;

Elizabeth Taylor- pre Cleopatra brows, but fairly full and framing those violet eyes

Ava Gardner- Beautiful arches

Eva Green- not much of an arch but groomed and balanced.

Natalie Portman- Again not much of an arch but proving you don’t need arches for your brows to be beautiful
Faye Dunaway- Subtle arches and fairly full

Jane Russell- a thinner shape with gentle arches- really enhancing the face.

Beyonce- Beautiful, natural looking brows
The picture of Beyonce above is a great template for a brow shape, you can also see the brows aren’t symmetrical so don’t treat them as such. Just make each one look their best be gradually plucking from either side. One way to decide which hairs need plucking is to get a white eyeliner pencil and almost use it as an eraser to draw over the hair you don’t want until you are happy with the shape. Then pluck the hair that you have “rubbed” out. 

Handy hint– Don’t pluck from above the brow- it ruins the natural arches and shape.

This diagram shows where you eyebrow should start, arch and finish- try holding a pencil at the side of your nose and seeing where yours should be!

The ultimate brow product is Chanel’s Le Sourcil de Chanel which has a magnifying mirror, tweezers, brow brush and three shades of brow colour so your can personalise your brows to suit your natural colouring. Its about £40 so not cheap but will last you ages.

If you are feeling more thrifty and prefer natural cosmetics- even vegan then this is for you- Inika Brow pencil. There will always be little gaps of skin showing through the eyebrow hair and you can use a pencil to fill these bits in- less is more in this act though. But doing this really frames your face. Often I’ll just do my eyebrows and a couple of coats of mascara and that’s my make-up done for the day. A natural but groomed look.

The other option if you don’t fancy doing it yourself is to go to a brow bar then just maintain what they do. You can find these in any big department store and its usually around £20-£30.
Hope this helps!


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  1. Anonymous
    January 11, 2012 / 9:17 am

    This always works best on my eyebrows