A Liquorists Christmas

As you’ve probably seen if you are a regular reader, I like rum and I like gin. It goes without saying therefore that the Liquorist’s are a mighty tempting boozy treat, what with their rum trails and gin cruise’s. Both of which I’ve partaken in and thoroughly enjoyed.

So when a newsletter dropped in my inbox the other day from said Liquorist’s I got a tad excited. Now I’m only saying a tad because the newsletter was about Christmas parties. Now if you are a chap or chappette with many strings to their bow, a portfolio career, a freelancer,  and not one who has one place of work, then the Office Christmas party… Well there isn’t one is there? Party for one anyone?

I suppose I could organise a vintage/crafty/SAHM/ blogger/ freelancers Christmas party though couldn’t I… Now there’s a thought.

Anyway get this for temptation,

“At #22Redbank we will be holding theatrical Narnia themed winter wonderland events, complete with fur coat filled wardrobe and snow covered dining room. The menu is inspired by the works of C. S. Lewis and includes sardines and Turkish Delight, obviously not in the same dish we might add!

The packages offered start from £25 per person. We are offering four courses including an exceptional aged rum digestive from Ron Zacapa with handmade Ron Zacapa rum truffles.”

If you fancy a Narnia themed party then contact Tom-tom@theliquoristsonline.com and tell him I sent you!


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  1. October 11, 2012 / 11:36 pm

    What a splendid idea! I adore The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The strong religious sentiment completely washed over me as a chubby cheeked child. It transported me to a new world, via a rather nifty wardrobe. Even now, I always check the backs of them, just in case. And now there’s a shindig that can do just that. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the doorway was made to look like a wardrobe, complete with hung up moth-eaten clothes?