2013 Winner Profile: Norton of Morton

Despite only arriving on the blogging scene in September 2012, Norton of Morton has quickly gained a legion of admirers, helping to crown it the 2013 winner of our Best Vintage Lifestyle Blog category.


The chap behind the blog (or the protagonist as he calls himself) is G.M. Norton, an aspiring English gentleman, whose reputation as a man of honour, decency and an amusing turn of phrase precedes him.

Describing his blog as “an analogue periodical in a digital age”, it follows G.M. Norton’s quest to lead a gentlemanly existence.

As he is keen of saying, with a new periodical posting every Saturday at 4 o’clock, “you can set your pocket watch by it.”

We caught up with G.M. Norton to find out a little more about his blog and his plans for the future.

“I’m tickled pink that my little periodical has been greeted so warmly by the ladies and gentlemen of Manchester. I couldn’t have wished for a more loving embrace.”

Eccles Cake Festival

Whether it’s admiring a smouldering siren through a steamed-up monocle, sharing adventures of derring-do, concocting moustache wax or recommending the gentlemanly way to deal with ruffians, Norton of Morton is full to the brim with gentlemanly goodness.

In just over a year, G.M. Norton has also appeared in not one, but two vintage magazines, Pretty Nostalgic and His Vintage Life. He has also started to carve out a ‘gentleman for hire’ niche. That’s not as sordid as it may sound as he explains:

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how it happened but in July I hosted a lady’s birthday celebration which had a vintage tea party theme. More recently I portrayed a historical character as part of the first-ever Eccles Cake Festival.”

Having previous experience as a Master of Ceremonies and at home in front of an audience, G.M. Norton is keen to pursue this further with future events in need of a gentlemanly sheen.

“Performing feels quite natural to me, being slightly strange and delightfully peculiar in equal measure.”

So what does the future hold for Norton of Morton?

“In the future, I aim to offer more information around etiquette on the site and perhaps answer some reader’s questions. I am always ready to come to the assistance of a damsel or chap in distress. There’s always something new popping up on the site though. For instance, I’ve just published a moustache grower’s guide.”

Norton of Morton was recently described as “a joy to behold” by The Chap magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Michael ‘Atters’ Attree. We’re big fans too, with the strong writing style catching not only Atters’ eye but ours as well.

“I absolutely adore writing,” G.M. Norton told us. “I harbour a dream of one day writing a book or two. I can’t think of anything better than to spend my days bashing away on the old typewriter, coming up with my latest novel. I’d also love to be a contributor to The Chap magazine – perhaps as their Northern Correspondent.”


Working in marketing and communications but keen to expand the old CV, G.M. Norton also has an interesting proposal for vintage businesses…

“Over the next year I would like to offer my services completely gratis to vintage vendors in need of help making their business sparkle. Of course, this will need to be juggled around a full-time job, family life and my online periodical but I feel I have a lot to offer. Interested parties are encouraged to contact me.”

You can find G.M. Norton on Twitter, @nortonofmorton or by sending an email to nortonofmorton@gmail.com. Don’t forget to visit his blog too, www.nortonofmorton.com

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